Heel vs jobber. The match style to determine the dominant man. It takes a man with balls to heel his opponent. A heel has to be determined, even rude, to gain control over the jobber. What makes a great jobber, then? It takes guts to endure every abs stretch, pec claw and nipple twist. Ever better if you throw a few over the knee back breakers, camel clutches and surfboards.

I've always liked some back and forth action even in heel vs jobber. So, if you're a tough heel, expect to get a fair amount of full nelsons, bearhugs and head scissors to hold your horses. You there, yeah you! You're next in line, bring it on!

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southerngrappler (71 gold) 10/14/2012 4:06 PM

Hunk, your spot on as you know from last weekend!!!!

To be a good heel you gotta know how to job. I leant that early on with Pro. I am a better meaner heel now than I ever was because I simply know the effect of my hold on my jobber. But a good jobber has got to be able to take it and sell it well

All part of the game

Of course I am always happy to see if our next meet goes the same way;)



RED DADDY (1) 2/11/2015 8:53 PM

TOTALLY AGREE! Jobber should get the upper hand ONCE! Then it's all downhill from there on! Sell your pain and abuse ESPECIALLY when HEEL does a fake pin and YANKS YOU BACK up after a two count!( extra points if he yanks u up by the hair)


hunk71fi (58 bronze) 2/14/2015 8:54 PM

So good.. Nothing better than a cocky jobber trying his best.. Keeping the heel alert.. They know it is not called heel vs jobber for nothing, though.. The jobber will go down.. And the heel will play with the jobber!