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sqfig4 is recommended by Tattooed ginger (9/19/2017)

Super tough guy that can take hard punishment and all the sleepers u can lock in. Definitely recommend meeting him if you have a chance


Hymalayan muscle is recommended by matpowers617 (9/19/2017)

wow this guy is just beginning and already an awesome wrestler - great stamina and power. A fun match that I would enjoy again. Definitely connect with him if you have the chance


wrestlingotter is recommended by fungrapplewitu (9/19/2017)

Had a great give and take. Jobber/heel match with erotic elements. He's a great guy and definitely recommend. Looking forward to getting together with him in the future.


Traithe is recommended by DenverWrestler (9/19/2017)

It was great to reconnect with this guy after first meeting 18 months ago at Barnet. He's solid and strong, and although he hasn't had as much time to wrestle this year as in the past, he is still VERY tough and uses his strength and size quite effectively. His legs are especially powerful, and I was lucky to avoid them for most of the match! He's also an extremely nice guy, friendly and outgoing, and is 100% reliable. It proved very easy to arrange the match with him, even during his work week. Overall, a quality guy and wrestler, and one should definitely try to meet him


cdnwrstlr is recommended by Scissor Guy (9/19/2017)

Had a really fun match with cdnwrstlr! He loves playing the heel, and is rather good at it! Pleasure to meet this friendly fella, would highly recommend!


ilovetowreslte is recommended by mililutte (9/19/2017)

seb est un jeune lutteur vraiment prometteur.

Il est rapide, tenace, endurant et une force dans les jambes ...

Je suis sur qu'avec un peu de pratique, il risque de donner du fil a retordre a bon nombre de plus gros gabarits que lui. Moi compris !

A cote de ca, un garçon adorable et intéressant
À recommander absolument


ROSCOE the RASSLER is recommended by bigchicago (9/19/2017)

What a fun, funny, and awesome guy. We got to be sub training partners at the clash last year, and I hope we get to meet up again soon.


Swiss-Fighter is recommended by abradtner (9/19/2017)

It's great having the opportunity to meet this awesome man.
The pictures don’t always tell the truth. He is much more muscular and handsome than his pictures. He is a Greek God, with a beautiful smile, a gorgeous face in a great shape – massive hairy pecs, broad shoulders, nice abs, huge arms and thighs.
When I first met him in person, I thought “What did I just get myself into? He would destroy me effortlessly.” This mundane stood no chance against the Greek God. He knew how to use his muscles to his advantage, to punish his opponent. My dirty moves didn't work, he gave them right back harder. Everytime I fought back, I got more punishment. When I begged for his mercy, he reduced the pain and then increased it. He made me tap multiple times. He broke me over and over, pushed me to the breaking point and beyond.
It was a one-sided match. I tried to fought back, but I failed, and he made me submit in physical and mental.
Hope to have a re-match with him in the future.


Parisian is recommended by blackmen13 (9/19/2017)

Parisian es un mec très gentil gars et agréable a combattre car il est a l'écoute de son partenaire ,il est puissance et redoutable car il a une bonne carrure et on c'est bien amusé ensemble et on ce reverra prochainement ,je le conseille vivement .


judokasf is recommended by roninjobber (9/19/2017)

One of the coolest guy I've meet on the site , after few chats I was lucky to finally meet this guy just a day before he left London , easy going on and off the mats and played safe all the time . I wish we could had more time so looking forward for a second round in the future:-)

50743 recommendations

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