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erialc is recommended by g6fighter (5/27/2017)

We have been in touch with each other since 2013, and we have finally been able to meet. My first fight in Stockholm and the same for up to 2 hours.
Of course it was an unfair fight. I am heavier and bigger than you, also have more experience. Your courage and your will to fight with me has very impressed me. You are quick, nimble, agile, clever, powerful, persevering, full of energy, wild and very passionate while fighting! And you would have been the winner if we had fought in the same weight class.
Your youthful way of fighting with me, your hot challenges, the gut punching and constantly horny provoking me, have made me weak in the end - it was too much for an old man:-))))

Thanks for the especially hot super fight evening. Outside of the mat you are really nice and intelligent guy.
Very reliable! Highly recommended! When you are in Stockholm you have to meet him.


ukwrestler is recommended by tnorfmod (5/27/2017)

Nice lad and tough man to wrestle with
Good meeting for sure


judoka2wrestle is recommended by lusowrestler (5/27/2017)

I've wrestled this guy a few times over the years, both cyber and live.
Although he is not the most skilled of fighters, he knows a trick or two, and has a lot of heart. He does not give up easily and will make you sweat for it.
I just wish we could meet more often.
Highly recommended as both a cyber and a live opponent.


sharkffm is recommended by Kamikaze (5/27/2017)

Was soll man sagen. Absolut empfehlenswert. Anstrengend, gute Technik und definitiv ein guter Gegner. Konnte wieder etwas mehr in Sachen Bodenkampf dazu lernen. Auf der Matte hat er jedenfalls den "Fighter"-Instinkt und dementsprechend ist auch viel Spaß zu erwarten. Jenseits der Matte kann man sich auch gut unterhalten und es wird auch nicht in den Pausen langweilig. Also hier gibt es absolut nix zu verlieren. Fordert ihn heraus und seht es selbst.


OrmEmbar is recommended by imper (5/27/2017)

Very nice guy, for his weight is very strong and knows how to fight, you will have many problems to defeat him, I recommend everyone


CelticFighter is recommended by pennsgroveguy31 (5/27/2017)

After exchanging a few emails and a phone call met him for a conditioning match. Great Guy and amazing stamina, he is solid muscle and can take a good beating. Awesome workout!!!


pennsgroveguy31 is recommended by CelticFighter (5/27/2017)

After some time of trying to meet up, and a short phone call later, finally got the chance to meet up with the guy. We met up for purely a body conditioning match, and I was the target.

Strong, great aim, great stamina.

Left me with a few marks and new purpose to work out even harder. So ever need a good puncher? Need someone with good strenght in their hits? This guy got it all!


wrknprogress is recommended by Hairybear (5/27/2017)

Wrknprogress is a great guy to meet. We'd spoken for quite a while and had a few great chats before he made it to Manchester on his British tour.

I was very lucky he wanted to meet me when he was here. We met up over a sunny Sunday morning coffee then made it back to his place for an excellent grapple.

Wrknprogress is build like a tank with very strong defined legs and a square upper half. He looks great in his gear too.

We had a good time tapping each other out....he's very strong and doesn't give up easy.

His choke is nasty and got it on me a few times but my body and head scissors helped me wear him down.

Had one of my best wrestles in a long time with this gent. If you get the chance to meet him - do it!

Until next time matey 😊


matman700 is recommended by Yomama2269 (5/27/2017)

I absolutely recommend having a match with matman. He was my first opponent ever and I was impressed. He is very courteous, polite, and personable. Additionally, he was okay with me being inexperienced and taught me some moves. He is very strong and very experienced. It was definitely the perfect first match for me. I highly recommend you have a match with him!


iltwn is recommended by sgboxerkid (5/27/2017)

Had a short but intense match with iltwn on his business trip here – was good for letting the aggression out on each other, so thanks for that! I think he had more fight in him when we stopped too, so don't let him off with just a few rounds :)

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