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Northmelbwrestler is recommended by Davey83 (3/22/2018)

A nice addition to the Melbourne wrestling community, he's a lovely, reliable, safe and sane guy. We did our best with a makeshift wrestling mat and had a lot of fun. Recommended!


glondon is recommended by vj777 (3/22/2018)

I’ve had two recent encounters with the very fit and hospitable glondon. It’s fair to say I was outwrestled both times due to his strong arms and legs but geez I had fun from start to finish! Furthermore, he is an intelligent, fascinating guy and we had some decent chat covering many subjects. He’s on the move soon which is unfortunate for me but keep an eye on where his travels take him as he’s well worth a challenge. A solid recommendation.


CURTO MEDIR FORÇAS is recommended by LUTADOR RIO PRETO (3/22/2018)

Cara macho, safado, curte demais uma queda de braço , tiranos 3 partidas, ele suportou muito bem o ataque do meu braço, um prazer velo sofrer.
Luta quente, suada,com mata leão e muita dominação.
Neste evento tive a ajuda de meu parceiro que sabe lutar como ninguém, e ele suportou todos os castigos, super recomendado.
Quero um novo combate em breve.


DenverWrestler is recommended by wresnipgym (3/22/2018)

DenverWrestler is a great coach, fit & defined body, easy to communicate with, the ideal host. I had a two hour training session’ learning practicing and exchanging holds, safe & sane and we shared a passion for some sensuous nipple play while in holds. Highly recommend this gentleman of wrestling.,


DeportBilbo38 is recommended by leanmuscles (3/22/2018)

A really nice guy to meet and a very good wrestler. It wasn’t the best environment but we had room enough for a fun time. There were submissions both ways but we do need a re-match to settle the score!


brick is recommended by InTraining (3/22/2018)

Brick is by far the strongest man I’ve had the honor to meet and the username does not do him justice. He is both an unstoppable force and immovable wall. I’ve never felt so powerless, and he taught me a lesson in obedience. Despite my inability to do anything but submit, Brick is my favorite match. Count yourself lucky if you get to learn a lesson from Brick.


leanmuscles is recommended by DeportBilbo38 (3/22/2018)

Nice guy! Strong wrestler. It was a nice match, although the place was not the best...
Also nice guy off the matts too.
Hope I can fight you (and beat you again) in a better place for a match.


The Arrow is recommended by JackBC (3/22/2018)

As I write this highly complimentary recommendation, my body and I are still recovering from last nights intense and sweaty/amazing battle with the Mighty Arrow.
Ollie underestimated me but this quirky and very intellectual screwed on guy was just as interesting outside of wrestling than he was inside the wrestling world.

I can’t praise or express the right words and level of excitement. I quote Arrow back ‘It was hard work! He was hard work!’ This lad definitely knows his stuff and is very observant and recognising his opponents weaker points and capturing them in the right moment through time and patience. He is certainly very strong, resistant and once he has you in lockdown, it’s pretty much game over. Even I had my limits I just had to tap. Communication was key and I can’t even count how many repeats of give and take submissions/holds we countered and got on each other.

Until next time, guys you better challenge him now. He’s waiting!
FYI - I’m back for seconds in a couple of months 👍


WolfinLondon is recommended by scotsgrappler (3/22/2018)

A newcomer but with much enthusiasm and an interest to learn. He has a handily placed matroom nearby so likely will get ample opportunity. Tall, hefty but careful opponent. Highly interesting man.


Merseywrestle is recommended by scotsgrappler (3/22/2018)

Reliable guy who was easy to arrange to meet. Turns up and enjoys getting stuck in and giving a good account of himself. Careful of lighter opponents and making sure a fun time is had.

57197 recommendations