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DysonJock is recommended by Beaker (11/20/2017)

Real gentleman, Strong but safe. Great bout with and without material cladding.


BullCop is recommended by muscldfighter (11/20/2017)

Hefty muscular man that belies his age. Don't let his appearance fool you! Has BJJ moves and also a keen wrestler. A great guy on and off the mats. Thoroughly enjoyed our roll!


wrstlarturo is recommended by Ptitloz (11/20/2017)

Pour mon premier combat, j ai affronté Wrstlarturo.
Impressionné par le gabarit et par le palmarès de mon adversaire, j avoue que j etais un peu craintif. Hé bien j avais tort, homme respectueux, pédagogue et adversaire coriace, j ai jamais autant transpiré de ma vie.
Mais par dessus tout, il m a donné l envie de continuer à lutter.
Alors tu es comme moi débutant mais vas y fonce !


Punchbcn is recommended by PSBBO (11/20/2017)

This is an amazing man. A true athlete. A good heart. And a wonderful travel companion. I spent 8 wonderful days with this man. I look forward to spending many more days grappling and enjoying each other. Woof!

Our second visit surpasses the first. He has it ALL wrapped up in a gorgeous package. Grrrr


Dirka is recommended by BRYAN (11/20/2017)

Dirka is a Very strong And muscular opponent. Our match was Very exhausting And intense. I like his power want i look for a rematch soon ! If you want to fight him, i would recommend you to be trained !


coventryfighter is recommended by oldscrapperderby (11/20/2017)

Had a pins only match, which was a first for me , and different ,but good fun, Dave is a great guy and looks good in gear, hope to have round 2 soon and happy to recommend to anyone.


daniele c is recommended by Niubbo (11/20/2017)

Un incontro organizzato al volo e quindi, per questo, ancora più piacevole.
Daniele, a dispetto del poco tempo in cui bazzica su questo sito, sa il fatto suo. Per mia fortuna ha "scoperto" di avere una forza incredibile nelle gambe solo alla fine, altrimenti me la sarei vista davvero brutta con le sue scissor.
Riesce a tirare fuori la parte più "sadica" dell'avversario e questo mi piace molto.
Lottate con lui e vi divertirete!


dailyplanet is recommended by cyclone74 (11/20/2017)

This guy is a must meet for a wrestling match. Very polite and good guy off the mats. His legs flex very nicely to enjoy worshipping after the match
Once again it was a pleasure to go down on the mats. The only down side is Sydney will give up a good Wrestler to interstate after the new year. We might have to get in as many matches before then!!


DenverWrestler is recommended by cyclone74 (11/20/2017)

A very nice guy with some good skills. One the must to meet from around the world if you get the chance, he is one of the genuine guys. Also a good tag match with daily planet.


Mark uk is recommended by NJW77 (11/20/2017)

I met this legendary wrestler in Singapore, he was a man exactly what people described previously. Well... there is huge size difference between him and myself, also skills.. But he adjusted for me, had a great time. He is awesome guy, don’t miss him when you have a chance!!

53121 recommendations

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