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Brovolone is recommended by Latinpecs (1/16/2018)

Brovolone is a tuff wrestler he has energy and stamina to wear anyone out.
Good looking and great shape.
Had a great match with him looking forward to a rematch
Great guy outside the ring too


Hunnog is recommended by brick (1/16/2018)

This guy is a legend for a reason. He's loose and flexible, but when he gets you in his grasp, there's no escaping. I had him scrambling a couple of times, but he otherwise held the upper hand for the duration of our roll. Very nice guy, educated, cordial and intelligent. Would have enjoyed spending more time with him.


andy815 is recommended by NickWang (1/16/2018)



want2wrestle is recommended by Zeek (1/16/2018)

Had a fantastic time tonight with want2wrestle. He was an excellent host and made me feel welcome immediately. Along with being an amazing wrestler, he was a great conversationalist during our breaks. He was also a great teacher, showing me new ways to initiate and break holds in certain positions. Now all I need to do is remember them for next time!

All in all, I highly recommend wrestling/meeting him. If you are in area, he is definitely worth the stop. He is extremely strong and can easily hang with someone bigger than he is. He has a great setup as well so it made the experience even more enjoyable.


Alpha Destroyer is recommended by Alan2005sg (1/16/2018)

Alpha destroyer is a nice gentleman. The moment I stepped onto the mat, I noticed a good looking guy with nice & toned body. I believe his regular exercise rewarded him well.
He is that type of person who you can make friends with at the first minute. Very kind & polite.
Because of my time limitation, we only did a light Wrestling & we ended as a draw.
Neither of us are happy with the draw, & we need a rematch to define the final Alpha male.
I'm looking forward to the rematch & only the better male will win.


Bigdaddy is recommended by Growth Potential (1/16/2018)

Great teacher for new guys like myself. He was great at showing me how to do holds and also a damn hot stud. Nothing bad here with him. Generous in time and showing a newbie how it's done. Will GLADLY meet up and grapple with him always.


CRedfield is recommended by wrestler1999 (1/16/2018)

I thought he'd give me a good match, and he didn't disappoint. After I beat him in arm wrestling, we got down to the main event: his superior skills vs. my 11-lb weight advantage. Much to my frustration, he got the first tap...then I got the second...then he got the third...and then it was a bit of a standoff. After I accidentally bashed his knee, we called it a match at 2-1. A worthy opponent on the mats, and a nice guy to boot.


wres is recommended by adamnwsa (1/16/2018)

This guy is a very tough, strong wrestler, I had a blast matching up against this guy. Real hot match! If you get the chance, wrestle this guy, you won’t be disappointed! Good looking guy with a beautiful body. Highly recommended!


adamnwsa is recommended by wres (1/16/2018)

Adamnsaw is a gentleman inside and outside the tatami, he is strong and a great fighter, highly recommended.


MysticWolf is recommended by awill92 (1/16/2018)

So, coming from a guy who primarily wrestles Mystic is very good boxer! Knows very well what he's doing and well trained in boxing. If you want a good introduction to it he can give it to you! Our first meeting wasn't able to get a long time with him due to a external interference i.e. life happening, but also fun guy to talk to and hang out with before and after!

54929 recommendations