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Jobberpunisher is recommended by Squashlad (2/23/2017)

23/02/2017: Well when a 23-year-old professional swimming instructor has the profile name Jobberpunisher, what can you do but give your inner jobber a day out to play? And so I did, and Jobberpunisher did not disappoint: this is one cocky, confident and skilled young lightweight who can easily take charge in a match and inflict as much pain as you're up for trying out. He's very strong for such a lean guy and has a large repertoire of holds that he executes swiftly and competently, often combining them with smashes and punches for extra effect. His scissors are quite startlingly strong and he has a bit of a thing for nerve holds and pinches, which can be very painful. Always safely and sanely done though: Jobberpunisher is a real pleasure to wrestle. Highly recommended and I hope to get another squash match in with him soon. Just make sure you offer to get his parking charge for him though, or he really might turn green and bust out of his shirt!


Mark uk is recommended by Superhero Wrestler (2/23/2017)

mark was fun to wrestle


Mark uk is recommended by mikeswuk (2/23/2017)

he is a very strong and skilled wrestler, but a gentleman off the mats too. highly recommended


Mark uk is recommended by Kid Extreme (2/23/2017)

We locked up many years ago and had an awsome hotel battle.
Competitive bout all around the room was both hot and sweaty encounter.
Safe and sane wrestler, can see why he has so many recommendations


ruffnhard is recommended by Kir (2/23/2017)

have had a pleasure of meeting this absolutely awesome man in Sydney. His pictures are just a slight reflection of his real power and strength. Amazing gut punching session with lots of punishment dished out by him. My abs are totally sore still all the limits were taken into consideration, hence safe and sane.
My A+++ goes to you, mate. Will be gld to meet you again.
Absolutely cool physique comes along with beautiful social manners and sence of humor. Nice conversation followed by a super hot session is what I've gotten. Thanks!
Take care, man!


bostonman is recommended by wrestle73 (2/23/2017)

Had a good wrestle with this guy. We didn't have much time but it was intense and he is a strong guy and looked good in his gear. Nice guy and would meet up with him again.


sleepermuscle is recommended by PA Wrestler (2/23/2017)

Really incredible guy overall, had a great one getting to know him. Had a fun time going through some holds, but will certainly not need to improve next time we meet up.
If you're in the area, don't hesitate to hit this guy up for a match.


Mark uk is recommended by ArabianGuy (2/23/2017)

Mark is a great guy! Very friendly on and off the mats!
We met couple of times and I am always looking forward to our next encounter.

I've learned a lot from him and I can fully recommend him!!!


mectlse is recommended by baerhd (2/23/2017)

I had the luck to be visited by this strong and caring man in Heidelberg . Oliver is a very good fighter with much strength. If you had him once in a fight,you will always look forward to have more of him( drug potential☺️😉). Very high recommended


briansp is recommended by lancerguy001 (2/23/2017)

Super fun fella and definitely someone to try and get a match with. I had a great time and definitely got sweaty throughout the match. I can't wait to have another go at him

44318 recommendations

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